John Dexter LA Keynote
A&R Lab founder John Dexter and manager Scott Welch (Alanis Morissette, Leann Rimes), doing keynote address @ MUSEXPO facilitated by A&R Worldwide founder Sat Bisla
21 Million Sold
Nuff said.
Bif Naked Celebrates Latest Hit
Bif Naked celebrates her latest hit single "The Only One" with Pitbull Radio Promotion's Adrian Lock and A&R Lab's John Dexter
Mixing Andrew Allen Single
At Warehouse Studios, mixing "What You Wanted" with Andrew Allen, Producer Ryan Stewart, Mixer Dave Oglvie, Zack Blackstone and A&R Lab founder John Dexter
With Smash Mouth @ Warehouse Studios
Tracking Vocals with Smash Mouth's Steve Harwell, engineer Dave Oglvie, Producers Troy Samson, Anthony Anderson, Steve Smith and A&R Lab's John Dexter
JD Producing Bailamos! @ Amoury
Victoria & Ryan's Platinum Single
Victoria Duffield and writer/producer Ryan Stewart celebrate their Platinum Warner Music hit "Shut Up And Dance".
Bailamso! In Amoury Studios
Bailamos! musical director Kent Wallace and A&R Lab's John Dexter Producing new PBS Album.
Bailamos! Shooting PBS Special
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