"John knows how to bring out the best in the artists he works with. He has a unique understanding of how to make hit records."

Scott Welch , Founder, Scott Welch Management 

(Alanis Morrisette, Lean Rimes, Stub Hub)

" John has that rare talent to find the best in an artist and make it shine."

Tom Kemp, Vice President, The Feldman Agency

“John Dexter has a great passion for creating hit songs and has a strong track record with chart-topping success in Canada…”

Sat Bisla, President and Founder, A&R Worldwide

"John knows hits and knows how to make them on purpose".

Barbara Sedun, A&R West Coast, SOCAN

(Former VP EMI Music Publishing Canada)


"Artists (like me) are notorious for being 'too close' to their own material, making a good set of ears and a great outside opinion invaluable... John Dexter has both."

Andrew Allen, Platinum Recording Artist, Songwriter. Sony/ATV Music

"John Dexter is, not only Record Company Royalty, he is A Legend, and I am lucky to work with him! John has been blessed with an ear to discover special talent, and his gift is The Vision and Ability to turn artists into Superstars!"

BIf Naked, Multi Platinum Recording Artist.

"John Dexter has taught me a lot about how to write and spot a hit song, and he's had a hand in A&Ring some of my biggest songs. I owe a huge part of my success to date to John."

Ryan Stewart, Multi Platinum Writer/Producer

(Carly Rae jepsen, Hedley, Simple Plan)

"John's track record of hit after hit speaks for itself. His honestly, integrity and work ethic are a rare thing in this business and are the reasons we have had a long standing work relationship."

Samantha Pickard, Strut Entertainmrnt

(Taylor Swift, The Weeknd, Marianas Trench)

"John has the precise ears of a hit producer, the heart of a master songwriter, and the intuition of a music industry guru."

Troy Samson , Multi Platinum Writer/Producer

(Kelly Rowland, Cody Simpson, Kreesha Turner)

"After working with John for years, he consistently finds and works with hit songs!"

Dave "Rave" Oglvie, Multi Platinum Producer/Mixer

(Nine Inch Nails, Marylin Manson, David Bowie).

"John Dexter's talents go far beyond being a successful songwriter/producer. Working with John, is like having your very own personal A&R. I trust his innate ability to hear what makes a hit record."

SA TRACKWORKS, Multi Platinum Writer/Producers

(Neyo, Laura Pausini)

"John Dexter knows the anatomy of a hit song. It is always a great positive creative experience working with him."

Paul Silveira, Armoury Studios

"Everyone talks about hits and every artist covets them. John Dexter knows how to A&R and deliver them."

Bill Miller , Founder, Sharp 9 Music

(National Radio Promotion)

John Dexter has an amazing ability to identify and facilitate hit records. His extensive experience as a hit songwriter and music executive coupled with his flawless intuition puts him at the top of the list."

Adrian Lock, Director Of National Promotions, Pitbull Radio Promotions.

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